Thursday, October 30, 2008

Songwriter Circle Monday November 3rd 8pm til we finish


Please confirm if you will be able to attend our 17th Songwriter Circle/Collaboration on Monday November 3rd from 8pm until we finish.
If you need to get in and out early just let us know.
We give each person 20 minutes of the floor to show their tunes.
Please bring in a recording of 1-2 songs or if you prefer perform 1-2 songs as a way of introduction to your music. The songs don't have to be finished,they could be a song you are stuck on and this forum provides assistance like having your peers giving you their best opinions.
We do have keyboards and acoustic guitars here if you need to play your songs,bring tracks on CD's or on your ipod, we'll pull up your myspace page or website to play any songs you want to be heard.
We will discuss what we believe are our strengths as writers and how we can challenge ourselves to be better writers via songwriting techniques.
We will continue to meet once every 2 weeks on Mondays.
We will meet at my apartment located at 521 12th Street/Apt2L(call buzzer is out of service so call me 917 533 4392 when u r at the door) btwn 8th Ave and Prospect Park West in Park Slope,Brooklyn.
That would be the F train to the 7th Ave Stop or15thStreet/Prospect Park stop. If you want the bus B69 (Navy Yard across Vanderbilt to Prospect Park West) or B75 Bus(downtown Bkln) which drops you off on the corner of 12th St and Prospect Park West. I am 1building off of Prospect Park West.
Call me at 917 533 4392 if you need further directions.
Hope you can join us as this has been extremely inspirational on so many levels.

Tom Paul
917 533 4392

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