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Fiona Bloom from The Bloom Effect presents CMJ Shows this week Global Hip Hop/Wayna/Maya Azucena - Check it out!!!


If you do not know who Fiona Bloom is please check out her amazing website The Bloom Effect
Her blog is very popular and I recommend signing up for it check it out at this link
Fiona covers everything from PR to bringing Global Hip Hop acts over to the states for Festivals like CMJ which is going this week and booking them into these great venues.
If you are an artist who needs help getting your sound out there once you have a CD completed, Fiona is the lady to get in touch with.
Above are the eflyers for the show listed below.
Check them out and come out to support these shows.
Peace and One Love,
Check out What's going on with Fiona Bloom and her artists this week with Global Hip Hop artists at CMJ/Wayna and Maya Azucena:

Wayna made the Grammy selection as an Indie artist - There is hope for us all!!!
Ethiopian born singer/songwriter Wayna who now lives in D.C has a beautiful collection of prolific songs on her latest release- her sophomore release 'Higher Ground'.
Off the album 'My Love' was written for the women of Prince George's county- victims of domestic violence. Prince George's county - the wealthiest black county in the country has the highest rate of domestic violence. Wayna wrote this song in honor of them and has offered it as a free download on Soultracks this month as part of Domestic Violence Awarenes.
Speaking of 'My Love'- it is #2 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop singles chart and #18 on the Hot 100....This is incredible for an indie artist--- big ups Wayna....
She's embarked on a 5 week FYE Retail tour up and down the region selling, signing and performing... She'll be in NY for a promotional tour performing at an ONUTSS event- November 12th and at Tillman's Lounge on Monday, November 17th.
The video for 'My Love' is finished and will be released end of month....We'll have video screenings in D.C, Atlanta, LA and NY....Look out!
Oh.....This just in.... The pre-ballots for the Grammy's just came in and Wayna made the list....Best New Artist and Best R&B among other categories!!! What a feat.....
Wednesday CMJ
I finally met the rest of Dirty Fuzz.....Very cool, Very Dirty!! Can't wait to hear them Rock Out TONIGHT!!!! Elida totally exudes Rock Star-- in fact everywhere we went last night- people stared, came over and asked who she was....Yes she's exuding alright....
She loves the camera- she's great super charismatic and the rest of her bandmates- handsome blokes and quite charming..... Did I tell you I can't wait to see it live!!!
Elida's on the 'Independent Success Stories' panel today at the Kimmel Center.. Then later we're off to the British Cocktail private shindig and then Annex where Dirty Fuzz hits the stage around 9PM....
Thursday - you can catch round II of Dirty Fuzz as they play the OURSTAGE Showcase- Ace of Clubs- 11PM.... Yes- we love OURSTAGE.....Yes- every band should be signed up!
Thursday night they're doing The OURSTAGE showcase- Ace of Clubs-- currently you can download their 'True History of Rock N Roll OURSTAGE
Dirty Fuzz will be around the whole week making appearances, doing interviews and mingling with the finest........How Dirty will they get???? They may even rock out w/ Maya Azucena at the Blue Note on Friday late night!!!
Thursday at CMJ
Thursday night is hot-- First off- for Hip Hop- there's a Meet N Greet- the annual produced by BRMG, Foundation Media and Spectre Music- It's happening at Santos Party House....Great line up of DJ's and always a great hang to network, wheel and deal and get your music heard....
5PM-9PM Santos Party House Jake One, DJ Protege, DJ Revolution and Babu getting wreck on the 1 and 2's....
After the Hip Hop Meet N Greet- what better way to continue-- come over to DROM... This is the only International Hip Hop night at CMJ....Yep- you heard it correct.....and it's hosted by the one and only Pharoahe Monch.....Ya heard!
Shouts to Scion and all the fabulous sponsors to numerous to name here but they're shouted out on the flyers/posters/release.... CMJ registered folks-- check us out-- we have a full page ad in the program guide--- yep- that's true too!!!
So with all that said-- Myself and Ben Herson (Nomadic Wax) have worked night and day to bring you this amazing night.... Blitz The Ambassador, DJ Soulscape, VJ Kwon, Too Many Fish, King Reign, Chachi, Empire Isis and Mr. Reo..... DJ's BOO and EMCH on the wheels.
We are all over the press with this joint....Facebook rsvp's nearly 300 and growing and....It will sell out! Thursday, October 23rd $10.00 8PM-3AM- DROM
Oh- almost forgot-- The Koreans are making their U.S Debut--- The premiere for both DJ Soulscape and VJ Kwon....This is big folks!!!
I KIFFE NY French Hip Hop Thurs/Fri at CMJ
I love French Hip Hop....How can I say this....Remember Saian Supa Crew--- SOB's- I brought them there-- people still talk about that show---- Can't get enough of French so with that said---
A cultural program was curated this month to increase the awareness and educate folks about French Urban Culture called I KIFFE NY....Special thanks to The French Embassy... Emmanuel Morlet and Robert Singerman also who brought me on board to spread the word....
La Caution will be performing late night at Joe's Pub Thursday, October 23rd...11:30PM and then on Friday, October 24th at HIRO Ballroom.....A special night....
7PM- Hiro Ballroom hosted by the FBI team and DJ Spank featuring: La Caution, Reak and Wax Tailor in a VJ and DJ Set....
Guestlist action- hit me up..... Get ready- get there early!! You don't need to speak French to enjoy this night- trust me!!!!
Shouts to East Village Radio....La Caution and Wax Tailor are on tonight on NoHos Bored--- 8:30PM- Tune itunes
Maya Azucena is performing at The Blue Note on Friday 24th Midnight
The fabulous Maya Azucena is gearing up for a new album that will be released in Spring '09.... She's just released 'Get it Together' which was a free download on Soultracks--It's an advance single off the new album....Maya just finished shooting a video for it also....
So- she'll be performing a special CMJ showcase- Friday late night series at The Blue Note-- Yours truly will be on the mic holding down hosting duties-- You never know who will come through and jump the stage-- Maya knows everyone! I can tell you that some special French MC's will be on stage joining her too-- wonder who?
So- The Blue Note-- Midnight. Friday, October 24th... See you there.....

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