Friday, September 26, 2008

everyANYTHING Fri Sept 26th at Club Creole in Spanish Harlem - 8pm - Great show

Please come out tonight and hear this great band everyANYTHING perform on Friday September 26th at Club Creole in Spanish Harlem
Check out their myspace link
Club Creole 2167 3rd. Ave. @ 118th St.New York, New York 10035
A note from the band:
Our friends in San Juan Hill ( ) have invited us to join them at their regular spot in Spanish Harlem.
Come experience some "latin fire" as we rock out in El Barrio.
Make sure you come with an empty stomach for the platanos and collard greens.
Hope 2 C U there, they rock and funk with great songs and vocals

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