Monday, May 5, 2008

Pat Cisarano on Sundance Channel Miniseries "Flying: Confessions of a Free" tonight at 9pm


Pat is one of the first people ever to pull me up on stage in NYC to sing and a dear friend. Tonight Pat will appear on the Sundance Channel mini-series "Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman" tonight at 9pm. In Brooklyn on Time Warner Cable that would be Channel 101.

Please check out this mini-series by Jennifer Fox who is a great filmmaker.

Pat Cisarano will also be performing this Thursday at The 55 Bar on Thursday from 7-9pm.

Check out the info on both the show and the mini-series below with links.



Pat & the Combo-Nation will be appearing at the 55 Bar on Thursday, 5/5 7PM to 9PM
We invite you to watch the first episode of FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN, Jennifer Fox's groundbreaking miniseries. Pat appears mostly in the first episode, some in the second and last.
To get an idea of the film, read Joe Grandwilliams review.

The first installment of this series will feature Long Island Blues Society member Pat Cisarano.
Pat has been called the best White Blues Singer in the World by Tony Bennett and damn near everybody else that has ever heard her.

Sisterhood of the traveling camera
Memoirs have been in the news a lot lately - particularly when
they turn out to be less than truthful (thus making Oprah very
angry). The solution? Let's go to the videotape! That's what
globe-trotting filmmaker Jennifer Fox did - capturing five years
of her own rocky personal life, with stops along the way to chat
up women everywhere.
Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman (on the Sundance Channel
beginning 5/5) is a six-hour DIY miniseries that mixes Fox's own
up-front video diary (she's often literally naked, struggling
with the choice between two lovers) with the enlightening
onscreen confessions she elicits from women in 17 countries.
It's these heartbreaking stories from Pakistan, Cambodia,
Somalia - tales of ritual genital mutilation, teenage
prostitution, enforced marriage - that make Fox (and her
audience) realize that maybe simply being unlucky in love is the
least bad luck of all.

VISIT the official website for Flying: Confessions of a Free
Woman for information on upcoming screenings

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